September Announcements

Please take the time to respond to our survey.  The club board is always interested in suggestions and comments that improve your dancing experience. To that end we are conducting an electronic survey, please use the following link and help us be a better club:
Balboa Park Survey Page.
If you have not responded to the survey please take the time to share your opinions, even if you have filled it out before we have made some changes and need your updated answers.  The survey results affect decisions on issues such as the class calendar and music so take a moment and share your thoughts.
In September our smooth/standard dance is Waltz and the latin/rhythm dance is Bolero.


Waltz is a dance born in the suburbs of Vienna and in the alpine region of Austria. As early as the seventeenth century, waltzes were played in the ballrooms of the Hapsburg court. The weller, or turning dances, were danced by peasants in Austria and Bavaria even before that time. Many of the familiar waltz tunes can be traced back to simple peasant yodeling melodies.  Today Waltz is a smooth progressive dance characterized by long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and rise & fall. Graceful and elegant, Waltz dancers glide around the floor almost effortlessly. The American style is punctuated with lavish open movements, underarm turns, and solo spins. At 28-30 measures per minute, the tempo is slow at best, but the expressive quality of the music often invites very powerful and dynamic movement from dancers. Waltz is the one of the easiest ballroom dances to learn so don't hesitate and join our classes and be ready for the holiday dances coming up in just a few months.


Bolero is a slow, expressive dance that is somewhat of a hybrid. It combines the dance patterns of Rumba with the rise and fall action of the Waltz.  Bolero is the slowest of all the American Style Rhythm dances. The Bolero basic timing is "slow, quick, quick", where the quick-quick counts are the rock steps. The Bolero Basic Movement consists of two measures of music, the first a step to the side followed by a back rock, and the second a step to the side followed by a forward rock.

We will be dark on Sunday September 24th.

The September ballroom party is on the 8th and will be hosted by Kurt Popp - our advanced class instructor.

During the course of the evening we will have at least two mixers and a fun lesson.  We invite you to bring finger food snacks on disposable platters.

During summer the regular parking lot can be unexpectedly full due to various events in the the park - particularity Food Truck Fridays.  It would be a good idea to arrive a little early on Fridays until the end of September.
Good etiquette with visitors and beginners
We are first and foremost a club of like minded individuals who want to learn and practice social ballroom dancing and we are always eager to welcome newcomers to our passion.  During the course of a class, practice dance, or social event let's make an extra effort to welcome beginners and experienced dances alike and make them our friend, the club can only benefit ushering new dancers into the club.

When it comes to beginners at the club please refrain from teaching them.  I know we have many dancers who are very proficient and just want to help, please don't.  Our teachers are experienced professionals with years of hard training, decades of teaching experience, and more awards and trophies than can be listed here; let them do their job.  Very often those beginners are overwhelmed with the information and don't come back - to the detriment of them and the club.  Please just ask them to dance and be the best dancer you can be.
Things to know
Please try to use small bills when paying the class entrance fee.  We only have a small amount of cash to make change at the beginning of the evening.  When you try to pay with a $50 or $100 you slow down the line and make it difficult for the cashiers to do their job.
The club now has a Facebook group page.  We invite you to join the page to allow the cub to better communicate and allow you to engage with your fellow dancers.  Our instructors will be posting tips and special events to improve your dancing, the board will post last minute calendar changes and parking warnings, and we will have photos and videos of special events like the showcase at the San Diego County Fair. We would also like you to post your music suggestions and get comments from other club members.


Tim Waldowski
President, Balboa Park Dancers
Phone (outgoing message only) 858-859-1926.