Halloween Dance Party Extravaganza!


On the last Friday of the month the club hosts a costume and dance party. There will be social dancing and mixers with only one special lesson provided by our Host/DJ. The entrance fee for members is free; non-members pay just $6. Occasionally a party night may include live music or performances. Check the schedule to see where and when we are dancing.

Potluck Snacks

Our parties are a potluck affair, we ask attendees to bring finger foods - sweet and savory - in disposable containers, ready to serve.

Suggstions on finger foods

  1. Check finger food/fruits to make sure they are fresh, not stale or spoiled and appropriate for serving.
  2. It is much appreciated if fruits are washed before bringing.
  3. Ensure finger foods are of sufficient quantity for sharing.
  4. If possible, bring food items cut into serving size and ready to serve in disposable containers. It is time consuming for kitchen volunteers to prepare and ready all items for serving on the tables. If you do not have disposable containers, please ask kitchen volunteers; we have an array of disposable containers to help you arrange your items.
  5. Consider coordinating resources with one, two or more attendees to prepare enticing finger foods or purchase enticing savories.
Thank you for making kitchen assignments easier and allowing the kitchen volunteers enjoy some dancing time.

Contact: President: president.bpd@gmail.com