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Fridays: 7:30 pm & 8:20 pm
Sundays: 7:00 pm & 7:50 pm

Doors open at 6:45 pm both nights.

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See monthly schedule for dates when our dance space will be closed or dances held at an alternate location.

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"Dancing can reveal all the mystery that music conceals." - Charles Baudelaire

2014 Christmas Photo Gallery - Phyllis Celmer

Our fabulous PAG photographers: Jack Quintero, Judy Olesen, Tom Rossi, Erik Johnson, and taking this picture - Ms. Phyllis Celmer!
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Did you know? There are many types of dance practiced and performed in the US including: African, Ballroom, Bellydancing, Bharatha Natyam, Bodypopping, Breakdancing, Classical Ballet, Contact Improvisation, Contemporary, Flamenco, Historical / Period, Irish, Kalari, Kathak, Jazz, Jive, Latin American, Line Dancing, National and Folk, Raqs Sharqi, Salsa, Square Dancing, Street Dance, Tango and Tap.